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3d字谜图谜总汇:Mozilla makes browsers, apps, code and tools that put people before profit.

Our mission: Keep the internet open and accessible to all.

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Corporation. Foundation. Not-for-profit.

Mozilla puts people over profit in everything we say, build and do. In fact, there’s a non-profit Foundation at the heart of our enterprise.

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The Mozilla Manifesto

The principles we wrote in 1998 still guide us today. And in 2018, we created an addendum to emphasize inclusion, privacy and safety for everyone online.

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A Global View

With offices all over the world, we consider the internet from multiple cultures and contexts.

San Francisco

2000 non-employee guests welcomed each year


500 annual attendees to the Berlin speaker series


400 collaborative visits with Mozilla employees each year.


800 bottles of cold brew coffee consumed yearly.

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